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Hello, holla, ciao!

My name is Natalia DiGiosia (dee-joe-see-yah)

I'm a knitting and felting teacher in Boise, Idaho. 

The fiber arts is a passion of mine that I love sharing with others. I've been teaching since 2019, and since day one, have adored seeing students feel pride in their work. 


I started Knit Boise as a way to connect with fiber artists directly. I offer classes around the Treasure Valley and write a monthly blog that features knitting knowledge, techniques, and knitting news from other yarn shops and studios. 

My goal of Knit Boise is to stay connected with the community, and be one of several resources in the Treasure Valley for fiber artists and new knitters to learn.


Why the name Knit Boise? Two reasons:

  1. Appreciation towards knitting. Knitting is a craft that makes you tune into the senses—the texture of fiber, the scent of wool, bold colors, and muted hues, the sound of needles clicking and silence of your internal self. Knitting is a pass-time to be in-time. 

  2. My connection to this beautiful city, Boise. I was raised in Boise and after living in a few other places, I returned to grow deeper connections here. You may have seen me in other parts of Boise life—as the volunteer coordinator at Story Story Night, at comedy shows, community dance classes at Project Flux, regional conferences, at the Downtown Teaching Farm, the Boise State Writing Center, or biking around the Greenbelt. In addition, my main profession is grant writing at Premio Services Inc. for organizations in Idaho and beyond.


This city has me hooked for the long-haul, and knitting is just one thread of the piece.


What is my teaching background?

I began teaching at the Twisted Ewe yarn shop, in Garden City, Idaho in 2019. I prefer to teach in small groups (max of 10 people) which allows me to give individualized instruction. I also teach private lessons and felted soap workshops to larger groups of 15+. Now that the Twisted Ewe is closing, I'm expanding my classes to other locations in the Treasure Valley. 

I would describe my style as collaborative and confidence boosting. I teach knitting in a personalized and supportive setting to meet each knitter’s specific goals. Students call me a "patient" teacher, and I couldn't imagine teaching in any other fashion! Some techniques will seem much harder to you than others. During those tough spots, we'll take it at your pace, with plenty of deep breathing and laughter!  


For a longer story about my knitting journey, see my first Knit Boise post

Whether your group is looking for a creative activity, or you have a dream of knitting a sweater, I will help guide you and build your confidence with every stitch. 


"Natalia quickly gauged my level of expertise and the complexity of the knitting project that I was undertaking. She taught me new knitting skills so that I could get past the problem areas and showed me how to better interpret the patterns. Overall, since meeting Natalia, my knitting expertise and reading of patterns has increased at a rapid pace. And with these increases, so has my enjoyment of knitting."

Tamura P.  - Boise 

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