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Knitting Classes in Boise, Idaho 

Looking to learn how to knit in Boise? Welcome to Knit Boise! I'm Natalia, knitting teacher and lover of all wooly things. I teach classes that range for a variety of knitting levels. Read more about my background and teaching style.  


Classes are held at I Yarn for Ewe, yarn shop in Boise and in other locations. Sign-up through the link in the description. 

Is there a specific class or technique you'd like to learn?  Let me know and I'll do my best to design a class for the topic! Send me an email at 

  • New Student Private Lesson Special
    New Student Private Lesson Special
    Flexible Scheduling
    Boise, 5016 W Emerald St, Boise, ID 83706, USA
    Flexible Scheduling
    Boise, 5016 W Emerald St, Boise, ID 83706, USA
    New students are welcome to enjoy three 1-hour private lessons for $150 ($225 value)! Beginners through advanced knitters are invited to expand their knitting skills with personalized instruction from Natalia.
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Private Knitting Lessons

One hour lessons, flexible scheduling at I Yarn for Ewe in Boise.

Send me an email for inquiries.

Private lessons are an excellent way to advance your knitting skills in the direction of your choice and at your preferred pace. From problem solving stitches to working through brand new projects, I would love to guide you through mastering new knitting skills! 

Lessons cover any topic of your interest including:

  • Project specific help: sweaters, socks, hats, pattern reading

  • Techniques: cables, short rows, cast-on methods, color-work, lace, double-knitting, brioche

  • Quality: hand positioning and control, tension, gauge

  • Problem solving: dropped stitches, stitch reading, mending, frogging, tinking

Private lessons are $75 for one hour and open to all knitting levels, from beginner to advanced. Ages 8+

Beginner Knitting Workshop.jpg

Beginning Knitting Workshop

Tuesday, February 27th from 6-8pm at I Yarn for Ewe in Boise


Sign up through I Yarn for Ewe.

Brand-new knitters are invited to learn the basics of knitting! I will guide you through introductory-level skills that you can use for a variety of projects such as scarves and cowls. Whether you have never touched a knitting needle or grandma taught you decades ago, this class will ease you into knitting at your own pace in a relaxed environment.

This class is repeatable to learn more basic skills such as purl stitch, increases, decreases, and ribbing. 

Absolute beginners are welcome!

Felted Soap Class.jpg

Felted Soap with Designs 


No class scheduled at this time. Check back again for updates! 

Let's make some felted soaps! Felted soap is a bar of soap wrapped in wool. The wool casing adds several benefits to the bar of soap. Felted soap gently exfoliates the skin. Wool extends the life of the soap 3X as long. The wool casing is anti-bacterial and will never mold. Once the soap is used up, the remaining ball of wool can be composted since wool is biodegradable.

This makes felted soap a zero-waste bath product! Felted soap adds a pop of color to the sink, bath, or shower, and makes an excellent gift.

No felting experience required.


Knitted Beanie for Adventurous Beginners 

No class schedule at this time. Check back again for updates!

Once you can knit a hat, you can knit a sweater...

Hat knitting is the building blocks for more complicated projects. Why? Because you learn how to knit in the round (knitting in a circle), magic loop technique, shaping with increases and decreases, and ribbing. 

With hats, knitters learn several techniques to elevate their knowledge from "adventurous beginner" to intermediate projects. 

Come to class with knowledge on knits and purls. Watch some videos before if you need a reminder!

Private Group Classes

I also offer knitting and felting classes to private groups: birthday parties, engagement party activities, social clubs, etc. 

For inquiries please send me an email at 

What level am I? 

Each class is designed for a certain knitting level. Read below to see which description you relate to the most. Feel like you belong in multiple groups? That's normal, we're all built differently as knitters. When choosing classes, trust your gut. You can always practice stitches ahead of time to feel more prepared. 

Absolute Beginner 

Maybe your grandma taught you how to knit 50 years ago, or you've never touched a knitting needle in your life—only ogled at knitters and wondered how they could do it with their eyes closed! You dream of knitting a sweater one day, or, you want to see if knitting is your new hobby. You do not know how to tie a knot. 

Introduction classes—where I teach the basic skills of cast-on, knit, purl—are for YOU

Confident Beginner 

You've practiced the knit stitch enough to make a scarf (that's too short to wear) and you want to see what else you can make. You know how to cast on. You've dabbled with purling (could use some more practice). Really, you're itching to expand your skills and learn how to fix your mistakes. What else can you learn besides knitting a square?

Project based classes are for you!  


Knitting and purling is a piece of cake. You've knitted a few projects (scarf, cowl, hat), and want to keep learning. You feel more confident and have a high-level of control over your stitches, allowing you to try new techniques with less fear. You're interested in more complex projects, such as sweaters and socks, but don't know how to get there. Project based classes are for you! 


You get lost on Ravelry, finding complex patterns to challenge yourself with (we should all do this). You love a Steven West mystery knit-along. You have some GORGEOUS variegated fingering weight yarn in your stash, but the perfect sweater pattern you found is for worsted weight gauge. You think, can I make this work?  You crunch the math, scribble down your calculations with a pencil, and you figure out the best gauge and size to make it happen. Knit-alongs with me are for you! 

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